Angelina Jolie and her dad, Jon Voight have allegedly stopped talking again.

In its April 23 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Jolie was upset when she found out that Voight commented on her ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt.

The former actor told a publication that he’s praying for his former son-in-law. Last year, Voight also said that he’s confident his daughter and Pitt will reach an agreement in due course.

Now, a source for the tabloid is saying that Jolie wasn’t happy to hear her dad talking about Pitt.

“Jon just can’t help putting in his two cents, but he couldn’t have done it at a worse time. Angie feels Jon’s undermining her fight to win sole physical custody, and she’s furious at him for running his mouth,” the source said.

According to the source, Jolie is thinking about shutting Voight out of her and her children’s life again. And the Maleficent star could do something like this because she already cut ties with her dad before.

In fact, Jolie and Voight just repaired their relationship recently. Shortly after Jolie and Pitt’s divorce, Voight reached out to his daughter and they started talking.

Five years ago, Voight was asked how Jolie has been coping following her divorce from Pitt. He told E! News that his daughter is OK, and she’s also been holding on.

Months later, Voight was photographed hanging out with Jolie and her four children. And when Jolie spoke with Vanity Fair in 2017, she revealed that her dad has been bonding with her and Pitt’s kids.

Jolie gave Voight some rules when it comes to her children. She said that her dad just needs to be the cool grandpa who tells stories and hangs out with her kids.

With this, it’s obvious that the tabloid is just making up stories about Jolie and Voight. The father and daughter are in a good place right now. And it’s unclear if the actress was offended by her dad’s statement about Pitt to the press.

Jolie and Pitt still haven't resolved their custody issues. Just weeks ago, the former once again accused the latter of domestic violence.

According to sources, Jolie and her children are also willing to testify against Pitt in court.

A rep for the actor claimed that he’s upset with his ex-wife. Pitt also thinks that Jolie is just trying to drag their custody battle along.