Angelina Jolie is, allegedly, putting herself in danger for refusing to eat for over 30 days.

Much has been said about Jolie’s eating habits over the years.

Since the Maleficent star has been blessed with a slender frame, the tabloids are convinced that she’s starving herself.

Gossip Cop recently revisited some of the tabloid’s dubious claims about Jolie’s health, weight, and eating habits.

Almost two years ago, Now to Love claimed that Jolie’s doctors have warned her about not eating properly after she had a fainting spell in Colombia.

Jolie went to Colombia for a humanitarian trip. And even though the tabloid was unable to provide concrete proof that she fainted there, they insisted that she did.

A source told the tabloid that Jolie also seemed breathless before she passed out. And the culprit was her ongoing hunger strike.

Following her fainting spell, Jolie’s doctor, allegedly, told her that she should start eating properly or she could die.

However, almost two years have passed and Jolie is still alive. During her recent outing, the actress’s body also looked the same, which means that it’s unlikely for her to have been on a hunger strike for two years.

Jolie’s body and weight haven’t changed much because this is her built.

Still, Now to Love has been insisting that there’s something wrong with Changeling actress.

A few months later, they claimed that Jolie reached her lowest weight yet after sending Maddox off to college.

An insider claimed that Jolie’s ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt has also contributed to her weight loss.

But this time around, the actress is determined to get better so she agreed to check herself into a rehab facility.

However, there’s also no proof that Jolie ever checked herself into a rehab facility.

If she did, more reputable publications would’ve already reported on it.

National Enquirer also insisted that Jolie was going on a hunger strike to gain sympathy from her ex-husband.

The tabloid claimed that Jolie thinks Pitt will agree to give her full custody of their children once he sees how frail she’s become.

Until today, Jolie and Pitt’s custody battle hasn’t been resolved. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor is still fighting for joint custody of his children.

This proves that the tabloid’s claims aren’t accurate.

Jolie never went on a hunger strike. And she doesn’t have problems with her weight and eating habits.