Meghan Markle is allegedly in talks with Kamala Harris to ask the vice president for help on how she could get into the White House.

In its April 19 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Markle has always wanted to become president of the United States. And now that she’s back after a short stint in the United Kingdom, her end goal still remains the same.

A source told the tabloid that Markle knows that Harris can help her reach her dreams. As such, she has already reached out to the vice president’s staff so that she could be more involved in Washington.

“Meghan is serious about running for president in the future. Her team has been in touch with Kamala’s team to discuss causes she can help out with. Meghan is dead set on a career in politics and she’s confident it’s all falling into place beautifully,” the source said.

The insider added that Prince Harry is very proud of his wife, and he will also support him all the way. The Duke of Sussex has also allegedly told his wife that he would be by her side no matter what she ends up pursuing.

For now, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are working closely with non-profit organizations and community groups that they want to bring attention to. And they hope that all their efforts would benefit Markle’s presidential stint in the future.

This isn’t the first time that Markle is rumored to be trying her luck in politics. Last year, several tabloids alleged that she wants to compete against Donald Trump.

There were also allegations that Markle will run for president against Kanye West. And at least one tabloid claimed that Kim Kardashian wants to outdo Markle’s fashion in the White House.

However, the elections have come and gone but Markle didn’t run for president. As of late, she hasn’t expressed any desire to be part of the White House. So, it’s possible that the tabloid is just making up stories about her.

It is also important to note that Markle and Prince Harry are very busy with their upcoming engagements. They are producing their first Netflix show, Heart of Invictus very soon.

Markle is also pregnant with her second child – a girl. And she is scheduled to give birth in the summer.

On top of this, Markle and Prince Harry are busy with their Spotify deal and other projects under Archewell Productions.