Meghan Markle has, reportedly, been very vocal about her desire to become president of the United States.

Here’s a look at all the times the Duchess of Sussex was linked to claims that she wants to become a future president.

According to Express, Markle wanted to become the president of the United States when she was younger.

In the book Meghan Misunderstood, author Sean Smith also said that Markle told her family and friends that she wanted to rule the United States back when she was still in high school.

Five years ago, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan spoke with Markle about her ambitions.

After the two had a falling out in 2017, Morgan revealed that Markle told him that when she was a kid, she wanted to become the president or a news broadcaster.

And in 2018, Daily Mail also said that Markle told her peers that her ultimate dream was to become president.

Last summer, Lady Colin Campbell also told the same publication that Markle is eyeing a run for the presidency.

“I know the Duchess of Sussex has political ambitions and I’ve been told that one day she wants to run for President. I think everything she is doing, leaving the royal family and moving back to California is part of her plan and she has taken Harry along with her,” she said.

However, Markle hasn’t made any comment about her alleged desire to become president publicly.

And she hasn’t also expressed any desire to run for any position in the government.

Still, the tabloids have been insisting that Markle has her eyes set on the Oval Office.

In November, Woman’s Day claimed that the Duchess of Sussex is using President-elect Joe Biden as her stepping stone for her plans to run for president in 2024.

A source told the tabloid that Prince Harry and Markle are organizing a simple meal with Biden and his wife, Jill when they’re in California.

And their first meeting will serve as the perfect avenue for Markle to have conversations with Biden about her plans to become president.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Markle wants to run for president.

And it’s unlikely for her to be using Biden. In fact, there’s also no proof that she and Prince Harry will be meeting the Bidens when they’re in California because they’re not close friends.