Prince William allegedly gave Prince Harry an ultimatum to stop spreading lies about him and Kate Middleton.

In its April 19 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Prince William reached his tipping point after Gayle King weighed in on their issues.

A source claimed that King’s statement made Prince William feel that Prince Harry talks about him behind his back all the time.

“He’s told Harry ‘no more lies,’ and that he’s sick of all the plotting and toxicity. He’s made it clear to Harry that he needs to be careful about who he trusts in Hollywood and about what he says concerning the monarchy,” the source said.

The insider also alleged that the Duke of Cambridge asked Prince Harry to fly to the United Kingdom before July for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

Since the royal siblings haven’t seen each other in a long time, Prince William wanted to sort out their issues before they step out in public together again.

However, the insider insisted that Prince Harry has other plans. After all, he doesn’t want to be bossed around by his older brother. And since he also has a lot of things to do, he hasn’t confirmed his attendance.

Additionally, Meghan Markle is pregnant with her second child. So, Prince Harry wants to save his wife from any more stress and anxiety brought about by the royal family.

Last month, the couple shared some of their struggles that led up to their decision to quit The Firm. However, despite their candid confession, Prince Harry and Markle’s critics still accused them of twisting the royal family’s words.

Now, the source is saying that the Duke of Sussex just wants to fly to the UK for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue and they fly back home a few hours later. He doesn’t allegedly have any plans to stay long.

But it is important to note that the tabloid published their dubious claims about Prince William and Prince Harry before Prince Philip’s passing. Now, there are reports that the siblings will reunite much sooner than expected.

Markle’s husband is set to fly to the United Kingdom to attend Prince Philip’s funeral on April 17 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

As of late, Prince Philip’s cause of death still hasn’t been revealed. But he was recently rushed to the hospital for heart surgery. He managed to return home and recover last month until he passed away on Friday.