Prince William was named the "sexiest bald man" in an informal study by a hair transplant firm, but his "win" was mocked by some royal experts and fans, who said that the process of this popularity poll had no relevance.

Journalist Dan Barker criticized the hair transplant company Longevita's qualifications for sexiest bald man as it simply relied on Google searches. While William came first, Mike Tyson, Jason Statham, Pitbull, and Michael Jordan rounded up the top five.

Apparently, there had been 17.6 million searchers for the Duke of Cambridge's name with the word "sexy" next to it. Barker said that the number of pages that came up in the searches for "Prince William sexy" does not even discuss anything relevant to his baldness.

In a post on Twitter, Barker further broke down that over a million could have been spent on this study since Google surveys are priced per response. However, he said that this is a PR stunt from a company that offers hair transplant services and the Duke of Cambridge is "super newsworthy at all times."

However, some fans on social media are contesting that there are "sexier" bald men than William, even if the survey had no scientific basis. They said that actors like Stanley Tucci, Shemar Moore, and Patrick Stewart should also be high up on the list.

Other fans accused the royal of launching this campaign himself, while some fans thought April Fool's Day came too early. Actor Dwayne Johnson was also on the list and joked that he wants a recount because he thinks comedian Larry David is the sexiest bald man alive.

William, however, wasn't bald until he was in his mid-30s. During his younger years, the Duke of Cambridge had a full head of auburn hair, but he, unfortunately, inherited his father's genes. His wife, Kate Middleton, and brother, Prince Harry, used to tease him about his hair loss. His father, Prince Charles, even made a joke about his thinning hair during William and Middleton's wedding in 2011.

Even William pokes fun at his lack of hair and isn't ashamed about going bald. According to royal experts, the Duke of Cambridge doesn't have plans of having a transplant because of the nature of his job.

As a working royal, Prince William will always be in the news, and there are new photos of him at public engagements every week. A significant change in the fullness of his hair will definitely attract headlines, which will not be favorable to the royal since his work isn't defined by his hair or lack of it. (Business Times)