Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not going to tell Oprah Winfrey everything in their upcoming first sit-down interview after leaving their royal life.

Royal expert Robert Lacey said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are saving a substantial story on their royal exit and new private life in the U.S. for a Netflix documentary. The biographer apparently received good information that Harry and Meghan are planning a story on their life, beginning with their royal wedding until the current events surrounding their move to America.

Lacey said that while Harry and Meghan are friends with Winfrey, their contract with Netflix is bigger. The expert said that they probably agreed to the interview, which will air on CBS on March 7, because they wanted to be the first to expound on their decisions before the palace.

The revelation comes as Harry and Meghan have informed Queen Elizabeth that they will not be returning as working royals, after living a whole year away from the U.K. Lacey said that the Sussexes were due for a review with Queen Elizabeth but they "jumped before they were pushed" out of The Firm.

Insiders said that Queen Elizabeth had written Harry and told him that it won't be possible for the couple to continue their life in the U.S. while serving the Crown in Britain. Harry replied with a confirmation that they would completely step down and relinquish their royal patronages, as well as Harry's military roles.

Both sides issued a public statement on the decision. Sources at Buckingham Palace said that the Queen decided to uphold her duty as the monarch but she herself delivered the message as a grandmother and didn't rely on her staff or "men in grey suits" to settle the matter with the Sussexes.

But the public also wants Harry and Meghan to give up their official titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As it is the couple hasn't been using their royal distinction, His or Her Royal Highness (HRH), as ordered by the Queen.

Yet, as a blood prince, Harry is still the sixth in line to succession while his son, Archie, is the seventh. The Sussex pair's soon-to-be-born child will also take the eighth rank.

There are calls for the couple, especially Harry, to completely rid themselves of their royal status to avoid a constitutional crisis. Royal commentator Mark Dolan said that it's wrong for the Sussexes to be living off their royal titles to open multimillion deals with media giants like Netflix and Spotify or secure an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Royal commentator Angela Levin also said that Harry and Meghan must return their Sussex titles to the Queen as they have their freedom to pursue a financially independent lifestyle. Levin said that the pair do not care about the monarchy so they should not keep their titles. (Business Times)