Queen Elizabeth sparked the anger of royal fans after her official Twitter account posted a birthday message for Prince Andrew, her second-born son and her alleged favorite child.

The Duke of York is 61 on Feb. 19 but several royal fans didn't think that the occasion should be worth celebrating after Andrew's scandals. Many posted comments on the @RoyalFamily Twitter post to say that they are disappointed by the attention on Andrew.

One fan said that Andrew is no longer a working royal and a complete embarrassment to the royal family so he didn't deserve a tweet to recognize his birthday. Another said that the royal family has no shame as someone with a sex scandal tied to his name should not be wished well on social media.

Royal observers also noticed that the birthday greeting for Andrew was masked in such a way that the focus was on a historical moment for the monarchy. Apparently, as the post stated, Queen Elizabeth's delivery of Andrew was a first for a reigning monarch since 1857. The fans called out the tone of the post because it was a way for the royal family to greet Andrew without directly addressing his birthday.

Meanwhile, an anti-monarchist wrote that the public should be angrier at Andrew than Prince Harry, who just announced that he and Meghan Markle will not be returning to The Firm to resume their royal duties. Briane Reade said that Andrew still has to face the FBI to discuss longstanding accusations that he benefitted from his friendship with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a sex trafficking ring.

Reade pointed out Andrew is the real scandal in the royal family and not Harry, whose fault it to decide to step back, go on a different path and make money off his royal title. The anti-monarchist said that all members of the royal family milk their titles and positions, as that's what they are born to do.

Since resigning from his public life in 2019, Andrew has not been seen at major royal family events. Eternally tarnished by his friendship with Epstein, Andrew wasn't photographed with his daughter, Princess Beatrice, when she got married in July 2020. Andrew also didn't release an official statement to announce that he's a first-time grandfather after his other daughter, Princess Eugenie, gave birth to a son on Feb. 9.

Reports cited that there will be no ringing of the bells for Andrew's birthday at Westminster Abby despite the yearly tradition. The church announced at the beginning of the year that it has suspended this activity due to the coronavirus lockdown. (Business Times)