Tom Cruise is in the spotlight, always irrespective of whether he wants to be or not. However, his recent lecturing at the set of Mission Impossible 7 has shown him in a different light altogether. Is he such a perfectionist that love has always evaded him?

A recent report portrayed Hollywood A-lister as an evil man and opined his ego is so huge that he considers himself a superman. It seems he has a foul mouth and full of conceit. Also, the actor is said to be a perfectionist who wants everything in his way. It seems it is these very traits that have made Cruise an elusive personality, and there is no romance in his life.

The report took the example of his recent audio leak where the actor is heard screaming at the crew of Mission Impossible 7 for not following the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sources even claim that the actor is famous for his tantrums and thinks himself to be the biggest actor in the world. So, if anyone does not follow his instruction, he loses it. 

People are, reportedly, scared while working on his movie sets, and a majority of people do not like to work with him, according to sources. The magazine also mentions that the actor has a hostile relationship with both his former wives Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. 

He seems to be in a rivalry with John Travolta, a fellow Scientologist. Cruise also had a hostile working relationship with the other actor in the film Interview with the Vampire. Some people might have been upset after he yelled on the set, but the public in general and his industry colleagues did not feel he did something wrong given the prevailing global health crisis. 

An insider has now insisted that Cruise has procured a couple of robots to make sure that filming for his latest installment of Mission Impossible is not disrupted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Daily Mail. Filming will continue in Dubai after the shooting is wrapped-up in Dubai. 

Meanwhile, his peer George Clooney said that Tom Cruise did not overreact, although he said it was not his style. However, he agreed with the Top Gun actor’s message, according to IndieWire. Likewise, his co-star from Mission Impossible, Vanessa Kirby, also opined that safety was the most important priority while shooting the film. 

It is true that the Mission Impossible star has had a frigid relationship with his former wives and is a devout follower of Scientology, which could have affected his other relationships. However, this is an era in Hollywood where some divorce cases continue for years, and spouses fight it out in the courts while not talking terms with each other, according to Gossip Cop

The report that Tom Cruise is a complete control-freak, and that is why he has not found love seems to be completely incorrect.