Reports have it that Tom Cruise has chosen a studio that follows the highest COVID-19 restrictions so that his upcoming movie Mission Impossible 7 can be completed as quickly as possible.

The Hollywood heartthrob had taken a break from shooting for Christmas. But, he is gearing up to resume filming for the latest installment of Mission Impossible. However, this time around, shooting is expected to take place at Longcross Film Studios in the United Kingdom, according to Variety

Previously, the studio used to be a site under the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom. It has now been refurbished into studios and housed the shooting of several blockbuster films such as Thor, Skyfall, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Dark World

It seems the Top Gun actor has been splurging millions of bucks to ensure the studio follows the highest safety norms and the production is completed without any disturbances, according to The Sun. Sources claim that the 58-year-old actor is determined to wrap up the film’s shooting at the earliest. He does not want the pandemic to cause any further breaks in its filming. 

Meanwhile, there have been some talks about how around five members of the crew have left the team after Cruise yelled for the second time when he found that some of the staff had been violating COVID rules. 

Speculations are rife that there have been anger and tension after the actor’s first outburst became public knowledge. A source mentioned that there has already been unrest among the crew over months and the actor’s rant was the final stroke leading to many staff members quitting. 

However, some insiders feel that Tom Cruise has been shouldering a lot of responsibility for the film’s production. He has already invested so much money and time for the film, and it is natural for him to be upset. 

Earlier, it was reported that the Mission Impossible star had screamed at two crew members who did not follow social distancing norms while shooting at Warner Bros. Studios. 

It seems he had warned that the duo would be gone if they repeat such an action during the shoot. Reports have it that the actor’s outburst was recorded on an audiotape. 

Tom Cruise had also warned all members on the set about violating the rules. He added that he did not want to shut the film down. The Hollywood A-lister was, reportedly, upset after he saw two crew members standing too close to one another while staring at the monitor of a computer, according to Daily Mail