The British Royal family will have a big reunion in the coming months. It was recently revealed that the Queen had ordered American-based royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to join the family in celebrating Her Majesty’s 95th birthday.

Furthermore, there is speculation that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, will make the trip to the United States to visit younger brother Prince Harry in his Santa Barbara home.

“Prince William and Kate are looking forward to spending time together in person the moment it's safe to travel, but at some point in 2021, the Cambridges will travel to Santa Barbara and see the Sussexes on their new home turf,” A source told US Weekly.

This is a shocking twist in the narrative to the royal brother’s story as apparently their feud with one another has now abated.

News of Prince William and Prince Harry communicating over the holidays has circulated. Royal expert Katie Nicholl shared that the brothers have shared calls and messages with one another. Although their relationship is long gone from returning to its original status, the brothers hope to work hand in hand once again.

Nicholl also shared with Entertainment tonight that the fall out between Harry and William was not at all emblazoned by the media and that it was indeed ‘as nasty’ as reported.

Furthermore, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's mid-year plans might involve their attendance in Sandringham Estate for their 12-month review, which will put down to ax to their royal ties or their commercial ventures.

It is also very likely that the pair will be staying in the United Kingdom for a while before leaving once again. They will be attending Prince Philip’s birthday and the commemoration of the late Princess Diana’s 60th birthday.

2021 is a big year for Meghan and Harry. Not only are they finding success in their Hollywood dream, signing with streaming giants AppleTV, Netflix, and Spotify, but their brand ‘Archewell’ is gaining traction.

The reconciliation between Harry and older brother Prince William will be an added bonus to the many events the Sussex’s will face this year.

In sadder news, this year will also see Meghan face to face with his father, Thomas Markle, in court as the legal battle between the Duchess and the UK Associated Press will occur in Fall/Autumn 2021.

There has been no word or comment from the Sussex camp and the Buckingham Palace regarding these reports.