At the end of 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry surprised everyone by launching their Archewell website, which gave royal fans a glimpse of the duo’s future ventures.

During the months coming to the big revelation, the couple has been constantly in partnership with many organizations and took on key speaking jobs that kept them on the front pages of tabloids and news websites.

Many of these speaking jobs saw a very different approach of the royal pair. In a claim made by royal biographer Angela Devine, Prince Harry has become a mere shadow of the man he was before.

Devine points out how the 37-year-old Duke has lost his ‘royal stardust’ and how the Prince has become an ‘airy-fairy do-gooder.’

“He seems to have discarded his life as an action man to become an airy-fairy do-gooder. It is so out of character for him to lecture us on how to live our lives (Don’t take flights! Have fewer children! Be aware that unconscious bias can lead to racism!),” Devine explains.

She further alleged that Harry had accepted the role of being second to his wife, choosing to tuck himself in their multi-million home becoming ‘out of touch.’  

On the one hand, the royal biographer compares this change to Meghan Markle, who she claims has ‘bloomed’ since the couple exited the Royal Firm.

The ex-actress born in America insisted that she and Harry lay down their roots in her native California home once again recapturing her sparkle. A far comparison to her British royal husband.

Meghan has also taken the lead in many of the couple’s engagements, creating a very obvious picture of who is in power of the two. Unlike her husband, the Duchess has only become more eloquent with her words, who has a hard time delivering inspiring messages on his virtual meetings.

Devine reached out to the couple regarding this issue but the couple’s camp did not care to comment.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing a difficult year ahead of them, with legal battles to face and the result of their media ventures with Netflix, Spotify, and Apple TV.

The pair will also undergo the 12-month review of there exit deal facing senior royal members Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William. The couple travelling to the UK this year for events stated above would not come as a surprise.