Prince William and Kate Middleton have been at the center of all sorts of baby rumors this year.

New Idea previously claimed that not only was Middleton pregnant; she also confirmed the happy news publicly.

A source told the tabloid that Middleton shared the news with palace insiders. And they revealed to the world that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

But several months have passed and Middleton has not welcomed her fourth child. If she was pregnant earlier this year, Prince William’s wife should’ve already given birth by now.

The same tabloid also alleged that Prince William had a blast hanging out with his three children during the quarantine.

As such, the Duke of Cambridge, allegedly, had a change of heart about having more children.

When Middleton found out that Prince William is open to having more kids, she was delighted. And they started trying for another baby.

At one point, another tabloid claimed that Prince William and Middleton didn’t expect that their attempts to have a baby will be successful.

So, when they found out that they will have another addition to their family, they decided to immediately inform the senior royals.

However, the tabloid seemingly forgot one important detail with regards to all three of Middleton’s pregnancies.

The confirmation came straight from Kensington Palace even before Middleton’s baby bump became visible.

So, the next time that the Duchess of Cambridge becomes pregnant, Kensington Palace will once again be the one to make the official announcement.

Meanwhile, Middleton once again sparked pregnancy rumors this week after New Idea alleged that she’s forcing Prince William to have another baby.

The future queen consort was, allegedly, thrilled to learn that Pippa Middleton is pregnant with baby number two.

And she wanted to also get pregnant so that they could enjoy the journey together.

The Duchess of Cambridge also wants her baby and Pippa’s child to be close in age.

And since she knows that Prince William doesn’t want to have more kids, Middleton, allegedly, forced her husband to change her mind.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide concrete proof that Middleton forced Prince William to have another baby.

They were also unable to provide proof that the Duchess of Cambridge wants to become pregnant alongside her younger sister.

After all, the phony tabloid has no access to Middleton’s private conversations with her family and friends.