Victoria Beckham has been hitting the gym ahead of the release of her latest sports range for Reebok.

In its Jan. 2 issue, Heat UK claimed that the Spice Girls member has also been encouraging her husband, David Beckham to join her at the gym.

A source claimed that the Beckhams are aware that they need to work on their marriage. And Victoria believes that a marriage boot camp is what they need.

“Vic has been feeling really inspired by her new fitness regime. She’ll schedule an exercise session together twice a day sometimes. She swears by it as a release from all the stress of spending so much time at home,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that working out together has helped Victoria and David improve their endorphins and libido.

According to the source, the fashion designer calls working out a miracle cure for all the issues she and her husband are dealing with.

After all, after their workouts, the couple feels rejuvenated.

Meanwhile, Victoria has also been sharing her workouts and fitness regime via her social media accounts.

The tabloid claimed that the former singer has been telling her friends that she wants to become a fitness influencer.

And Victoria also feels that she will be a good influencer because she’s able to convince David to try her workouts even though he already has his own routine.

In related news, Victoria also made headlines recently after New UK claimed that she’s worried that Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-girlfriend will spill the dirt on her and her family.

According to reports, Hana Cross will be releasing her EP in 2021. And Victoria is convinced that she detailed her relationship with Brooklyn in her songs.

The source said that Victoria and Cross never got along well with each other. And this is the reason why she’s worried about what the singer could say.

Last month, Heat UK alleged that Victoria is grooming her youngest child and only daughter, Harper for stardom.

The fashion designer has been encouraging Harper to be active on social media because she wants talent scouts to notice the youngster.

As of late, there is no proof that Victoria wants to mold Harper to become a celebrity. As such, one should always take the tabloids’ dubious claims about the Beckhams with a grain of salt.