Melania Trump is counting her last few days in the White House already after her husband, President Donald Trump, failed on his reelection bid during the most recent U.S. elections. Though this would be the Trump family’s last Christmas in the executive mansion, critics continue to lambast the FLOTUS, POTUS, and their son, Barron.

Recently, Melania Trump posted a Christmas message on her official Twitter account, wherein she told her followers to follow the Norad Santa page. She even shared it alongside two snaps of her donning a plaid top and a red skirt as she appears to be speaking with someone over the telephone.

As per usual, the detractors of Melania Trump were quick to react to the said post. One netizen told the FLOTUS to get out of the house immediately. Another Twitter user said that the former model’s post is like telling a rich child to wait for Santa while other underprivileged children could not even afford a laptop and Wi-Fi for their online classes.

A third netizen called the post “sickening” and stated that he is more concerned about the kids who could not celebrate Christmas because of President Donald Trump’s stunt. Another Twitter user stated that Melania Trump is a good person, but she must stay away from her husband. The FLOTUS has yet to react to these harsh comments.

Of course, avid followers of Melania Trump, also, came to her rescue. One netizen claimed that Melania Trump is the best FLOTUS in American history. Another Twitter user suggested that knockers should stop making fun of Barron’s mom, especially since she is talking about children and Christmas in her post.

A seventh netizen commented that America is so fortunate to have a gorgeous FLOTUS like Melania Trump, before adding that she needs to be in the White House for four more years. Another Twitter user wished Melania, President Donald Trump, and Barron a merry Christmas and called her an “amazing” first lady.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users also blasted Melania Trump after she delivered a video message with President Donald Trump. In the three-minute-long clip, the POTUS started the message by saying that the birth of Jesus Christ is the “greatest miracle” in the history of the entire human race.

Aside from that, Melania Trump also irked social media users after a former aide shared how she, reportedly, complained about having to set up Christmas decorations every year. Former advisor Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff recorded a conversation with the FLOTUS, who was raging about the annual White House decorations.

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