Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman are, allegedly, jealous of each other.

In its Dec. 21 issue, New Idea claimed that there’s always been some kind of rivalry between Roberts and Kidman.

During her interview with Marie Claire, Kidman admitted that she wanted to star alongside Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. However, Roberts got the part.

The Australian actress said that she wasn’t famous enough at the time, and she didn’t also think she was good enough for the role of Anna Scott.

Roberts, on the other hand, was linked to Kidman’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

In the 90s, the Pretty Woman star turned down a role opposite Cruise in Days of Thunder.

According to New Idea, there were also times wherein Kidman got roles over Roberts.

For instance, Keith Urban’s wife was cast in Cold Mountain even though Roberts also wanted the part.

The source said that Kidman and Roberts have crossed so many swords over the course of their acting careers. And it’s evident that they’ve always been jealous of each other.

“Julia was always envious of Nicole’s award-winning roles, while Nicole was jealous of Julia’s massive box-office draws,” the source said.

But in 2015, the A-listers starred in Secrets In Their Eyes. However, Roberts landed the lead role, and Kidman was just a secondary character in the movie.

Since then, Kidman and Roberts never worked together again. And the tabloid said that this is because they never got along well on set.

As such, it’s unlikely for the A-listers to ever work with each other again.

Unfortunately, the tabloid was unable to provide proof that Kidman and Roberts are jealous of each other.

During a previous interview with Hello! magazine, Roberts even gushed over Kidman and said that the latter is talented and stunning.

The actress’s statement didn’t sound as though she’s jealous of Kidman.

In related news, Roberts also made headlines this week after Woman’s Day claimed that she and Danny Moder are divorcing.

Last week, the tabloid published a photo of Roberts walking on the beach with a glum expression on her face. The actress is also holding her phone.

Out of nowhere, the tabloid assumed that the actress received a text from her husband. And Moder allegedly told her that they should call it quits.

However, the tabloid’s claims aren’t true. Roberts and Moder just celebrated their anniversary last summer. And they aren’t divorcing.