Naya Rivera’s ex, Ryan Dorsey has been accused of cashing in on her drowning and subsequent death.

In its Dec. 14 issue, Globe claimed that Dorsey is trying to make money out of what happened to Rivera just because he’s still seeking justice on his ex’s behalf.

Dorsey recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Ventura County and the United Water Conservation District, as well as the county’s Parks and Recreation Management.

He and Rivera’s estate believe that the Glee star’s death could’ve been prevented if the vessel had floatation devices, which are required by California law.

Dorsey also pointed out that there’s not a single sign that warns people of the lake’s dangerous currents.

However, the tabloid’s claims that Dorsey is cashing in on Rivera’s death may not be accurate. After all, it’s possible that he really just wants to seek justice for the late actress.

Meanwhile, Dorsey’s court documents revealed that at least 12 people have drowned in Lake Piru since 1959.

But even if this was the case, there was not a single sign anywhere to warn guests of the changing water depths, high winds, low visibility, underwater caves, ledges, and more in the area.

Rivera was confirmed dead in July five days after she disappeared during a trip to the Southern California lake.

The actress’s autopsy revealed that Rivera is considered a good swimmer.

The documents also revealed that the actress and her son, Josey counted from one to three before they jumped off the pontoon boat together.

Shortly after they got into the water, Josey said that Rivera asked him to return to the boat and she helped him.

The young boy then heard his mom screaming for help before she disappeared into the water.

Rivera’s autopsy also revealed that the actress has vertigo, and this could get worse while she’s in the water.

The investigative report also revealed that Rivera has been taking Adderall for her anxiety. And she was also taking medication for her sinus infection at the time of her death.

Rivera also used a marijuana vape pen, and she smoked a pack of cigarettes a week.

The autopsy report also revealed that Rivera had no known history of suicidal ideation or attempt.

Following her death, tabloids accused Dorsey of having a relationship with Rivera’s sister, Nickayla after reports revealed that they moved in together.

However, Dorsey denied the claims by saying that they moved in together after Josey requested to also live close to his aunt.