Kanye West is, allegedly, shelling out millions why trying to have himself cloned.

According to Heat, West is looking into his next big move, which is expected of him.

After losing to Joe Biden in the recent presidential elections, the rapper is focused on getting himself cloned.

A source told the tabloid that Kim Kardashian’s husband believes that he deserves to live on even after his death. As such, he’s teamed up with experts who can help him clone several versions of himself using his DNA.

West is, allegedly, educating himself on the two different types of human cloning that exists: reproductive and therapeutic. And he couldn’t be more excited.

And since he’s financially set for life, money isn’t, allegedly, an object for the rapper.

The source also said that West is also planning on erecting statues of himself in every city after the recent elections. Despite his loss, the rapper is still convinced that he’s the most popular and qualified person to lead the United States.

Even though some critics think that he’s egotistical, West couldn’t, allegedly, care less. In fact, he feels sad for those people that can’t seem to get him.

Meanwhile, West also earned a slew of mixed reactions from the public after they learned that he gifted Kardashian with a hologram of her late dad, Robert Kardashian.

And just a few days ago, the reality TV star’s reaction to seeing the hologram for the first time was revealed.

In Kardashian’s birthday vlog, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her entire family are gathered in a room. A voice over says that the next gift that she will see is from her husband.

Initially, Kardashian thought that she will be seeing a light show. But she was surprised to hear her dad’s voice.

After Robert wishes his eldest daughter a wonderful birthday, the lights were turned on and Kardashian and her siblings are crying. Kris Jenner also asks to watch the hologram again.

Kardashian couldn’t deny how happy she was to see West’s gift. In fact, she called it the most thoughtful gift of a lifetime.

On her Twitter account, the mom of two also revealed that she watched the hologram several times. The reality TV star also shared a close-up copy of her dad’s hologram with her millions of followers.

Robert died in 2003 after his two-month battle with esophageal cancer. He was 59.