In her latest post, Maisie Smith addressed her body confidence struggles and opened up about how she hated her legs. Much to her surprise, the 19-year-old English actress found support from Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian, who lauded her "envy-worthy" physique in the comments section of her Instagram post.

Smith took to her social media account over the weekend to share the encouraging message the 36-year-old E! reality TV star had left on her post. She shared a screenshot of her post and comment with her followers, writing, "LOL, why am I so gassed as she showed off the compliment.

Khloe said Smith has the most beautiful legs and described them as envy-worthy. She went on to say that she cannot build her legs, so she is drooling over hers. She concluded the comment by telling Smith she was gorgeous.

A week after the Good American founder left her supportive comment, the EastEnders actress shared a slideshow of images showing her leaving the gym. Although surprised, Maisie responded to the unexpected reply, writing to the reality star, "Thanks chicken x," MSN reported.

In the caption section, Maisie urged her fans to love themselves regardless of their body hang-ups. She opened up about her body confidence worries, admitting that she is slowly beating them.

She revealed that she has been insecure about her legs for the past few years and tried to cover them as much as possible. She wrote she didn't like her cellulite, despite people telling her that it is natural and everyone has it, The Sun reported.

Although it took her a while, she has accepted those aspects of herself that she has always seen as flaws, according to DailyMail. She went on to say that she wore gym shorts for the first time out of the house about two months ago, and that made her feel proud of herself.

Maisie, who is going toe-to-toe on Strictly alongside pro Gorka Marquez said that her time on the dancefloor thought her to learn to love her imperfections. She explained that she posted those photos because she realizes it is hard to love yourself and see your flaws as qualities, noting that everyone has things that they want to change about themselves.

Maisie's social media followers were taken aback as well with the unexpected support from Khloe, with one of her followers writing this wasn't the crossover they were expecting today. Another follower pointed out that she called Khloe chicken. Share your thoughts about Khloe Kardashian's encouraging remark in the comments section below.