Katy Perry, who released an album about Smile, seems to have a hard time to do so, as she reveals her life desperately needs a reset because of the lack of sleep.

Katy Perry confesses the painful effect of being a mother

It has been roughly around three months since the 36-year-old American pop star opened a new chapter in her life. The Smile singer is already feeling the tiresome feeling of taking good care of a newborn baby, especially dealing with having no time to sleep.

The mother-of-one speaks with couple Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness for a virtually done Meditate America event on Dec. 3 (Thursday), as per Hollywood Life. There, Katy revealed that she is sometimes finding sleep a huge challenge amid all the needed support she gets in taking care of her baby.

Katy said that she is a new mother and that her daughter is a precious gift, but there are times that she asks herself on the time she gets to sleep: "But where am I going to get those six hours that I used to get? Where did it go?"

The singer gave birth to her and Orlando's first bundle-of-joy named Daisy Dove in August. It is Katy's first child, while it is a second for Orlando; the actor previously had a child with former wife Miranda Ker named Flynn, according to Insidenova.

Katy Perry reveals the benefits of transcendental meditation

In the virtual chat of Katy, Hugh, and his wife, the singer highlighted how transcendental meditation had helped her a lot in finding the sole time of taking a break during the day.

People quoted, "There's been so many different ways TM has blessed me, but in this particular moment, as a new mother, I take 20 minutes." She then added that the said meditation allowed her to spawn the needed rest that she longs. The rest pertained by the I Kissed A Girl singer led to easer her depression and anxiety.

The unique form of meditation also is being suggested and endorsed by celebrities like Jennifer Anniston. And proving the world is a tiny bit, Katy's former husband, Russel Brand, once hopped in the wagon.

Watch the confession of Katy below:

For the time being, Katy returned to the judging panel of American Idol in October, where she revealed that Orlando is the best. Also, a credible source told media outlets that the couple is doing a great job in racing their first baby, and they both are enjoying the time they spend together.