Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman may, allegedly, be forced to pick sides.

In its December 7 issue, New Idea claimed that Grant and Kidman are friends with George Clooney and Russell Crowe.

But after Clooney reignited his feud with Crowe, Jackman and Kidman may allegedly have to choose which friend to support.

A source told the tabloid that it’s highly likely for Grant and Kidman to take Crowe’s side because they think Clooney is tacky for mentioning it again in his interview.

While speaking with GQ, Clooney aired out his grievances by sharing the comment that Crowe made years ago.

Crowe reportedly said that he’s not some sell out like Clooney, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford. Unfortunately, the remark didn’t sit well with the Ocean’s Eleven actor.

Amal Clooney’s husband also said that he mocked Crowe’s statement by saying that the latter was probably right.

After all, he, De Niro, and Ford were thinking about starting their own band. However, Clooney’s statement was just a reference to Crowe’s 30 Old Foot of Grunts band.

Meanwhile, according to the tabloid, there’s more to the feud than what Clooney has been letting on.

Years ago, Crowe was cast in Gladiator, and Clooney allegedly wanted the role so badly.

Clooney became even more upset with Crowe after he was once again cast in The Nice Guys alongside Ryan Gosling.

The dad of twins Alexander and Ella also allegedly wanted the role in the movie.

In related news, Clooney revealed that Crowe apologized to him years ago. The actor told Clooney that he was misquoted.

According to Clooney, he doesn’t like feuding, and he prefers to watch other celebrities who get into fights on social media.

More specifically, the actor said that he has a lot of fun watching Chrissy Teigen because of the model’s strong personality.

On entirely different news, Clooney recently talked about his 3-year-old twins.

While speaking with People, the actor said that his twins keep him young.

They have also learned how to play pranks because of him.

One of the pranks that Alexander and Ella have mastered is putting Nutella in a diaper and then eating it.

The actor also revealed that he enjoys reading Peppa Pig and Dr. Seuss to his twins. He also cuts their hair at times, and he watches them when they jump in their bouncy castle.

As an older dad, Clooney admitted that his twins keep him on his toes.