Amal Clooney has, allegedly, banned George Clooney from ever riding a motorcycle again.

Two years ago, George got into an accident while riding his motorcycle in Sardinia. And during an interview with GQ, the actor said that he thought the accident would end his life.

The actor detailed the accident by saying that after the collision, he landed on his hands and on his knees. And he kept screaming.

A lot of people came towards him but instead of calling for help, they took out their phones and started taking videos of the actor.

Now, National Enquirer is claiming that Amal was so traumatized by what happened to her husband that she’s ordered him to never ride a motorcycle again.

A source told the tabloid that the human rights lawyer is terrified because she thought that her husband could die the next time he gets into another accident.

And Amal also feels that George owes it to her and their twins to stay healthy for as long as possible.

The insider claimed that George is a stubborn guy who loves to ride a motorcycle. But he decided to follow his wife’s orders because he knows it’s for the best.

Unfortunately, this isn’t, allegedly, where the couple’s marital problems ended. The source said that Amal also asked George to quit riding bicycles and to stop engaging in any type of daredevil activity.

The Ocean’s Eleven actor once again agreed with his wife. But the tabloid accused George of the other things that he’s been doing for his family.

George and Amal are also, allegedly, fighting over the ongoing renovation of their home because they’ve already gone over their budget.

The tabloid claimed that with the renovations, George and Amal have no other choice but to stay close to each other and all they do is fight nonstop.

However, the tabloid has no basis for all their claims. In fact, National Enquirer has been concocting all sorts of rumors about the couple.

Months ago, they claimed that Amal urged George to shave off his beard completely or she’ll leave him.

The same tabloid claimed that George and Amal were heading for a $250 million divorce.

But until today, the Clooneys are still together. And their relationship seems to be going strong. According to GQ, George feels great affection toward his wife. And the actor would prefer to spend time with Amal than do other things.