Sarah Ferguson is allegedly following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie as she tries to look much younger than her age.

According to Globe, Ferguson is searching for the fountain of youth by working out with her new trainer, Wayne Leal.

Leal was the one who helped buff up Kate Winslet, Pierce Brosnan, and Angelina Jolie.

The celebrity trainer claims that his exercises work by making it an internalized behavior expectation. This makes working out feel second nature to a person just like brushing one’s teeth.

A source told the tabloid that the Duchess of York regularly does a 10-minute working that merges high-intensity exercises with yoga and strength training.

The tabloid also claimed that Ferguson is so obsessed with looking young that she has a brand new face.

She has also undergone laser treatments, minimally invasive facelift, injections of vitamins, organic fillers, and more.

Last year, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife admitted that she has had a couple of procedures done to her face.

While speaking with Daily Mail, she said that she seemed so much happier because Princess Eugenie was getting married. But it was also because she has undergone some procedures on her face.

Ferguson reportedly tried the treatment designed by Dr. Gabriela Mercik, which is known as the 6-Dimension Ultimate Laser Treatment facelift.

The Duchess of York said that she prefers her pal’s treatment over Botox. Years ago, she tried Botox because there were no other treatments available.

Dr. Mercik said that Botox has become passe. But she still uses it if her patients ask for it specifically. Otherwise, she recommends that other types of more advanced treatments available today.

Meanwhile, Ferguson also made headlines this week after she unveiled adorable facemasks inspired by one of her children’s books.

The proceeds from the facemasks will support Ferguson’s Trust, which introduces philanthropists to causes that need help with funding.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s mom also launched a tea biscuit set called Brew for the Crew to raise funds for her charity.

On her social media account, Ferguson said that she hopes a lot of people will support her endeavors.

She also said that the act of putting on a kettle and brewing a pot of tea is like a celebration of life. After all, doing so can take you on a journey to another country, another culture, or another point in time.

Ferguson’s tea sets are sold for $47 each.