Queen Elizabeth II reportedly gave a secret present to ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife when she became a mother in 2000. Many royal followers are wondering whether she did likewise for the newborn son of Prime Minister Boris Johnson or not.


The Queen sent a private congratulatory message to Prime Minister Johnson after he recently shared the good news of his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, giving birth to a baby boy. It is also reported that Johnson is England’s third Prime Minister to become a father while in office. 


According to Euan Ferguson, a reporter, and writer, the Queen had congratulated Tony Blair and his wife in May 2000 after they became parents. The reporter also wrote the happy couple received a large bouquet from Prince Philip and the Queen. At least, they thought the gift was from the monarch herself.


However, he also added that the driver of the Royal Main had winked and refused to disclose the identity of the sender. The driver simply said, “someone important” had sent it. 


Cherie Blair had once shared that she conceived her baby while staying at an estate of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland, Balmoral during a royal visit. When the news of her pregnancy was out, Downing Street was stunned. 


It came as a surprise to Cherie too as she was 45-year-old at that time and thought herself too old to conceive a baby. The former Prime Minister’s wife had assumed that she was going through menopause when she conceived. 


Meanwhile, the 32-year-old fiancé of Boris Johnson shared the news of her pregnancy via a post on Instagram in February. She mentioned that she is going to have a baby in the summer. Although many people know about this development, she wanted to share this news with all others who were unaware. 


She also intimated that they got engaged last year. While Johnson is not the only Prime Minister in the office to become a father, he will be the first one to marry while sitting in Number 10, Daily Express reports. 


Meanwhile, although Queen Elizabeth is usually known to keep her calm and poise on most occasions, she seemed to have lost her cool while watching Prince Philip, her husband driving a carriage once. The information was shared by an archived documentary.


According to another report by Daily Express, while the monarch is regarded as the backbone of her family and is known for her composure, her husband is regarded as much more outspoken of the two. 


Many royal fans though have observed the Queen’s flashes of temper on a few occasions. For instance in a documentary titled “H.M. The Queen: A Remarkable Life”, viewers can witness one such rare moment when Queen Elizabeth seemed to be frustrated.