Queen Elizabeth II could not stop her tears after parting from one of her favorite royal family memories according to royal commentators. Also, know about what could be her ‘secret code’ as deciphered by a royal expert.


The Queen of England celebrated a crucial milestone in April this year. It was the 67th anniversary since the Royal Yacht Britannia was officially launched in 1953. 

The yacht has played an important role in the lives of the many Royal Family members. Several royal couples had their honeymoons there including Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Rachel Bowie, a royal commenter shared in a recent podcast that the monarch wept when the ship was decommissioned. 


Bowie told her listeners that the yacht was decommissioned in 1997. She added: “The Queen actually wept openly about it when it was taken out of service.” She feels that the yacht was a major part to play in a series of family memories for the British royals. 


The commentator thinks it “just so cool that so many members of the Royal Family used it for their honeymoons.” As it was the maiden royal yacht that was specifically designed for sailing on the ocean, it was used as a honeymoon destination for many royals, Daily Express reports. 


Not only Anne, Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips but even Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones used it for honeymooning. Bowie added that even Prince Charles used it after marrying Princess Diana and so did his younger brother Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.


There were heavy rains on the day the royal yacht was being launched and yet over 30,000 royal followers came to see the monarch and Prince Philip in Clydeside. The yacht was launched just a month before the Queen’s official coronation took place. 


The royal commentator also shared that it took more than one year to complete the construction of the ship and it was commissioned only two days after Queen Elizabeth’s father passed away. Also, the ship was not christened with champagne but with wine because the former was exorbitantly priced during that time.


Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II is known for keeping her composure in different types of social engagements during her 66-year reign. However, some royal experts feel that the monarch and her aides have discovered a “secret” code” so that the Queen can come out of a situation where she does not have to talk for very long with some people. 


According to another report by Daily Express, Hugo Vickers, a writer, broadcaster, and royal expert shared that it could be worrying if someone is talking to the monarch and “saw the handbag move from one hand to the other.” The royal expert indicated that it is a sign that Queen Elizabeth II could use in public to alert her friends and attendants.