Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are under attack, according to gossip magazine Woman’s Day. Apparently, the power couple and one of Hollywood's most beloved pair are not what they’re all thought out to be.

Accusations by many anonymous people who have come to meet with the two have surfaced, and they have only negative things to say about the couple.

According to some of the claims made, actress Nicole Kidman is rude, cold and an impersonal diva. Furthermore, Keith Urban, Kidman’s country singer beau, is also being accused of ‘entitlement.’

Personal experiences have been shared by anonymous sources to the tabloid revealing salacious accusations.

A person shared her personal story saying that she used to live in the same building in West London with Kidman, and apparently, the actress claimed one of the only two elevators in the building for her to use only. The management did not grant her request due to the other complaints by the tenants.

A source close to the couple has come in to defend Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, saying, “Nicole isn’t exactly a best friend or mother figure to her staff and Keith can be kind of aloof, especially when he’s in his creative headspace, but they aren’t the monsters people are trying to make them out to be.”

The comments have apparently reached the couple and are said to be wondering where these stories are coming from and who these anonymous individuals are.

Nicole and Keith, reportedly, believe that the stories are coming from ‘Scientologists’ that have not forgiven Kidman for leaving Church of Scientology ‘poster boy’ Tom Cruise.

Gossipcop investigated these claims made by Woman’s day and has debunked these said ‘negative’ reports about the couple.

Firstly, Cruise and Nicole Kidman have been divorced for over 20 years now, and even so, the divorce between the two was not a bitter one.

Kidman has also been respectful towards Cruise’s privacy and barely revealed anything about their relationship while practicing Scientology. They also share two adopted children together, which Kidman is highly protective of.

Both she and Urban are also very pleasing people and keep to themselves most of the time. The couple chose to live in a state outside of California for privacy reasons.

They are also in an industry that scrutinizes everyone who eats and breaths, including Nicole and Keith. The couple most likely has not heard of these rumors and would not care if they did.