As one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock’s private life has often been pursued by mindless tabloid stories.

Her current life, fortunately, has been rarely talked about by tabloid people, but recently there have been speculations that Bullock and her long-time boyfriend Bryan Randall underwent a ‘shocking separation.’

Woman’s Day has reported that Sandra is allegedly neglecting her relationship with Randall causing them to have a bitter split.

Gossipcop went on to investigate this said split but found out that the apparent separation between the two is due to Bullock being in Canada filming for a new movie for Netflix.

“It’s been especially hard after having her all to himself during the lockdown. Bryan feels like she keeps changing the goalposts as to when she’s coming home,” A source told Woman’s Day.

Furthermore, the tabloid also mentions Randall’s past before he became a reformed addict. Randall is said to be a good partner and father figure to Bullock’s adopted kids but has serious jealousy issues due to the fact that Bullock has more time for her kids but not for him.

Randall is also alleged to have complained that Sandra Bullock continuous to move her plans of coming home to him and is saying that she will make it up on Christmas.

The truth of the matter is, Sandra and Bryan’s relationship is as strong as ever. Bullock has repeatedly praised her partner during her interviews with magazines and TV shows.

Bullock’s traumatic past with her ex-husband has led her to find a great man like Bryan Randall, who has taken over being a father to her two kids and a partner in crime.

Sharing with InStyle Magazine, she discussed her partner saying that Randall is very kind and that to her kids, he comes as number one and she number two.

She continued, explaining that Bryan was fun and had better treats for the kids than she has.

Sandra Bullock was also the topic of a rumor by tabloids after she was accused of stealing Ryan Reynold’s attention from Blake Lively.

Apparently, the two are working on a movie together again after their successful pairing in the romantic comedy ‘The Proposal.’

The truth is Sandra Bullock is living her best life with Bryan and her two kids. Since her debut as an actress decades ago, she has always kept an intense watch over her private life since her debut.