Jennifer Aniston’s Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow posted a clip on Instagram, which featured all the other lead actors except for Jen. Fans are keen to know why Jen was not seen in the footage.

Kudrow took to Instagram to post a promotional clip from her recent show titled Web Therapy. It was a sort of reunion for the Friends cast as all lead actors made their appearances in it except for Aniston. 

The post’s comment section was flooded with queries about why Jen was not seen in the clip. In this promotional clip, Lisa Kudrow plays the role of Fiona Wallice and is seen helping her patients. Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Courteney Cox were featured in this funny clip.

The post had more than one million likes and thousands of comments, which proves that fans loved the clip. Many followers stated that they were eagerly waiting for the show to begin, while others wanted to know why Jen was not a part of it (via Republic World). 

One reason why The Morning Show star could be absconding from Lisa Kudrow's video could be because of her new assignment at Vital Proteins. Jen took to her Instagram page recently and informed her followers that she has joined as the organization's Chief Creative Officer. 

She shared two adorable photos of herself with a range of colorful products from Vital Proteins. Jen also mentioned that she has been using the products regularly and could not miss the opportunity of being associated with the brand in a bigger way.

The Friends alum added that she has always believed in being fit and healthy from the inside out. And she was ecstatic to share the benefits of collagen. Many followers asked her how to sign up for these products, while some mentioned that they had been already using the products regularly. 

,Over two million followers liked her post and thousands of fans commented on it. 

For the universe, Jennifer Aniston is not quite active on social media. However, she has been urging her fans to go out and vote for the 2020 Presidential elections in the country. 

Jen was one of the early voters and confessed to having voted for Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Haris after casting her vote this year. She even posted a photo on her Instagram page while casting her vote. 

Jennifer Aniston also elaborated on why the country needs a new leader and her reason for voting for Joe Biden in the same post.