Four months have passed since Javicia Leslie was named as the new Batwoman. Now, fans of the television show finally get to see a shot of her getting ready to take on the role.

Deadline reports that a 10-second teaser has been released by The CW that shows Leslie’s character taking on the suit and the responsibility of being Batwoman. The clip shows Leslie’s character Ryan Wilder rushing into a bathroom to change into the costume before emerging fully costumed and declaring that it is time to be powerful.

As noted by the publication, the teaser is the first time audiences see Leslie on-screen as Batwoman. The CW had previously released an image of Leslie clad in a new Batwoman costume. The one shown in the teaser is still the one previous Batwoman Kate Kane wore in the first season.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Leslie will be donning the new Batwoman suit in the third episode of the series. Aside from the obvious difference in aesthetics, Leslie has explained that the costume will also reflect the different backgrounds of Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder.

Quoting Leslie’s DC Fandom panel, the costume will also reflect that Wilder has a closer experience to the underprivileged Gotham City. Leslie said her character would be approaching her role as Batwoman from a more personal space since she is part of the community she wants to help.

Even Leslie herself will be approaching the role from a more personal place as she is breaking ground in a number of ways. Leslie is the first Black actress to take on Batwoman's role, and she said she hopes the role becomes an inspiration for little Black girls.

As an openly bisexual actress, Leslie also said she was proud to be part of a show that is also breaking barriers for the LGBTQ community. Ruby Rose, who played Batwoman in the first season, is openly lesbian.

Leslie took on Batwoman's role after Rose left the show at the end of the first season, partly due to an injury she received that required emergency back surgery. Rose welcomed the casting of Leslie as Batwoman, saying in an Instagram post that she was excited to watch her in the second season.

Leslie also had the added challenge of filming for the show in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, which still rages on in the United States and around the world. As of the Nov. 19 update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are now 11,465,722 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country. Deaths caused by COVID-19 are now at 249,670 people.