Prince Harry’s life has always been a struggle of privacy issues. After the death of his mother in 1997 caused by the unrelenting paparazzi and press, the Duke of Sussex has continued to fight for his right to privacy despite leading a very public career.

Recently in Tatler's report, the Prince has filed a $200,000 lawsuit against unnamed media over the supposed hacking of his phone.

Information reveals that the Prince has complained of mental anguish in the years 1997 up to 2011. Apparently, he became ‘paranoid’ after realizing that members of the press were hacking his private phone.

He claims to distrust his friends and family after they complain about not hearing from him despite sending voice messages.

The Prince alleges that his phone that was being hacked was only known to people very close to him, his family, his friends, his exes and his royal advisors.

According to his claims, several news stories were published exclusively by The Sun UK and the now-defunct News Of The World that was only for him to know about.

Prince Harry also complained that media-men and photographers would suddenly appear unexpectedly in places where he would be despite it not being an official royal event or duty.

In the filed report, the Prince claims that his right to his private and family life has been subjected to a violation.

In 2014, News Of The World’s royal editor, Clive Goodman, private investigator Glenn Muclaire, and former editor, Andy Coulson, were found guilty of conspiracy to intercept communications, after it was exposed that they were intercepting calls from Harry and Prince William’s personal royal aides.

According to the hearsay's, the documents were filed by the Prince’s camp back in September 2019, the royal hired celebrity lawyer David Sherborne who previously represented his mother, the late Princess Diana.

This is not the first time Sherborne has been hired by the Sussex’s. He was supposed to be part of Meghan’s legal team during her own copyright and privacy case against the Associated Press Inc. Apparently, Markle has already dismissed Sherborne from her team.

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the Royal Firm due to privacy matters and the relentless scrutiny from the UK media.

Meghan is facing a big court battle with Associated Press Inc. for copyright infringement of her personal letters to her father.