The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, is rumored to be having a massive mental breakdown after it was revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved in the creation of the bombshell biography ‘Finding Freedom,’ which narrates much sensitive information that has happened in the royal firm in the past few years.

Speaking to LBC, royal commentator Phil Dampier reveals that the Queen will be facing a catastrophic 2021 after controversies have hounded the Palace nonstop.

He further implied that Meghan Markle’s admission to passing on information through a friend to help the authors of ‘Finding Freedom’ write the book is a big blow for both Markle and the firm.

The ongoing court battle with the Duchess of Sussex and Associated Press Inc. has only brought much shame to the Palace, which is proud of its professional friendship with the UK press.

Furthermore, the Queen will be facing the wrath of the FBI and the US High Court as her son, Prince Andrew, is involved in the highly sensitive case of child trafficking through his associates Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

"It's been a bad year for the Queen and it's probably going to be another bad year next year. We're going to get the court case involving Harry and Meghan and we're going to probably have a trial with Ghislaine Maxwell and the court case involving Jeffrey Epstein,” Dampier said.

There is also the newly exposed Panorama interview that involved the late Princess Diana and host Martin Bashir.

The mystery surrounding the production of the BBC Interview has gathered much attention from the people of Britain, including the late Princess’s brother and son, Prince William.

Prince William has already spoken about the investigation being launched by BBC, saying that it is ‘a step in the right direction’.

These several scandals surrounding the Royal Firm will test its foundation in the coming year. The Queen, who will be celebrating her platinum jubilee next year, will have to hold on for her dear life as it is projected that there will be more problems coming her way.

Prince Philip will also be celebrating his 100 years of life next year, but instead of it being a happy occasion for all the royals, this would not be possible as both Prince Andrew and his grandchild Prince Harry will not be attending.

The reigning monarch of England has become a steadfast picture of resilience for the Britons. Hopefully, all of the troubles her subjects have created will not kill the Queen before her time.