When the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger” was almost on the verge of getting banned, this is how Prince Philip unknowingly saved its fortunes.

Movie fans grieved the death of actress Honor Blackman this month that played the role of notorious Pussy Galore in the Sean Connery starred James Bond film “Goldfinger.” Released in 1964, the film almost did not see the light of the day after the censors in the United States almost decided to ban it because they did not like the name with the double meaning. 

The publicity team of the film made a plan to save the film and decided to take the assistance of British royalty. The actress was sent to attend a gala event in London where she was snapped with the Duke of Edinburgh. Their photographs appeared in all major newspapers throughout the world the next day. 

Among the string of publications and tabloids that covered the meeting, Daily Express was there too. It was reported that Philip asked the actress whether she could manage all the attention for working in a James Bond movie. The Prince reportedly asked his question with an “expansive wave of the arm.”

However, Blackman misunderstood Prince Philip’s query and thought he was mimicking her expertise in martial arts in the television show called “The Avengers.” She embraced a judo stance mentioning: "Yes, I certainly can.”  The actress’ response and body language left everyone in fits. 

The next day’s news headlines were equally interesting. They screamed: “The Prince and The Pussy.” Soon, Albert R. Broccoli, the producer of the Bond flick flew to the United States equipped with a host of newspaper clippings. These were produced before Geoffrey Shurlock, a film censor, Daily Express reports.

Honor Blackman reminisced that the censor board “were taken aback.” However, they considered that as an approval that the film and her character in the film were not indecent. After all, the Duke would not be talking to her then. 

Eventually, when the movie was premiered in London in Sep. 1964, the actress was in the limelight once again after being seen wearing a unique gold finger jewel. Innumerable fans gathered just outside the Odeon Leicester Square where the film was being premiered.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh had retired from royal duties when he turned 96. He has completed as many as 22,219 solo engagements until then, New Idea reports.

Prince Philip released his first public statement after retirement to thank all the workers in the United Kingdom for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. Philip and Queen Elizabeth are currently staying at Windsor Castle and are in isolation with minimal staff.