Homeland is returning with a new season this Sunday, February 9, at 9 pm EST. The premiere episode of season 8 is titled Deception Indicated and it will focus on Carrie Mathison as she gets ready for a new mission with her mentor, Saul Berenson. Executive producer Alex Gansa revealed that the entire season will revolve around the "protégé-mentor relationship".

Homeland was a story about Carrie and Saul right from the beginning. They were always the center of attention. As the story is coming to an end, the showrunners want to emphasize the relationship between the two beloved characters. But they have revealed that the final season of the spy thriller will be filled with a lot of conflicts.

"There's a lot of tension between them. There's a lot of trust, there's a lot of loyalty, but there's also a lot of conflicts... And that story resolves. The Carrie/Saul story really does resolve in the last season. I certainly view it as closing the book, and really resolving this protégé-mentor relationship, and saying something definitive about America's counterterrorism activities over the last twenty years, since 9/11. So the story, for me, ends there," Gansa told TV Line.

Here is the official synopsis of Homeland season 8

How to watch Homeland season 8 premiere

Homeland season 8 will premiere on Showtime this Sunday, February 9, at 9pm EST. Drama lovers in the US can watch the program on Showtime or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting network. People in the UK may have to wait a week longer to watch episode 1, which means the show may premiere in the country on Channel 4 on February 16. People in Australia, Singapore and other parts of the world can watch the drama series online through various streaming sites.

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