Kate Middleton is, allegedly, ready to fight back after all the drama and stress that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caused.

According to National Enquirer, the Duchess of Cambridge is tired of all the rumors, lies, and backbiting that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex started.

The final blow for Middleton was, allegedly, after she saw Prince William crying over Prince Harry’s betrayal. And the future queen consort, allegedly, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Prince William's wife was, allegedly, hurt and angry that's why she wants to fight up. And Middleton is also slowly starting to open up so she could get her side of the story across.

Middleton’s friends are, allegedly, trying to convince her to sit down for a tell-interview, but she’s still resisting the idea. After all, the mom of three is, allegedly, worried that sitting down for a tell-all interview could backfire just like what happened to Princess Diana.

In 1995, the Princess of Wales spoke with Martin Bashir for Panorama. And she exposed some shocking details about her marriage, Prince Charles’ future role as king, as well as his affair with Camilla.

Following the interview, Queen Elizabeth, reportedly, became so enraged that she summoned the Prince and Princess of Wales to finalize their divorce.

The source said that Middleton has been talking about her frustrations and fears, and she’s been writing her thoughts down in a private journal. And she feels it’s cathartic to blow off some steam.

However, the insider said that Middleton isn’t ready to reveal the contents of her journal. This means that there’s no tell-all after all.

This isn’t the first time that Middleton is rumored to be doing a tell-all. Last month, New Idea published a similar story about the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to the tabloid, Middleton enjoys writing in her journal and she’s ready to reveal the contents of her diary.

A source told the tabloid that writing in her diary has been cathartic for Middleton because she’s old-fashioned in this way. But the insider also said that Middleton’s tell-all won’t necessarily present Markle and Prince Harry in a negative light.

After all, the Duchess of Cambridge wants nothing more than to make amends with her in-laws.

Almost an entire month has passed and Middleton still hasn’t released a tell-all. This proves that the tabloid’s claims are inaccurate.