Senator Ted Cruz of Texas harshly criticized Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during a hearing with tech giants earlier this week. The Senator accuses him and his popular social media platform of wrongfully censoring Hunter Biden's story, which could potentially damage Joe Biden's image just before the Nov. election. At one point, the Senator even asked who elected him as the chief executive of the company.

This comes in the wake of Republicans objecting to Twitter's move to disable the New York Post's Twitter account while censoring links to its stories on the younger Biden and his foreign business dealings. Dorsey attributed the platform's decision to restrict the content to its policy regarding hacked materials since the stories were based on emails from Hunter's purported laptop.

Following this explanation, Cruz pointed out that a New York Times article about President Donald Trump's tax returns did not receive the same treatment, despite the materials being leaked illegally. He went on to ask Dorsey, who put him in charge of what the media should report and what Americans should hear.

Cruz also asked him why he continues behaving like a Democratic super PAC who tries to silence views that do not coincide with his own political beliefs. Denying that Twitter can influence the impending election, Dorsey said he wasn't trying to quell views that did go against his personal political opinions. Cruz deemed this explanation as absurd.

Cruz confirmed with Dorsey that he was testifying to the committee that when Twitter silences people, censors them, or bans political speech, that does not impact elections. Dorsey responded, saying people have access to several other communication channels.

Cruz clapped back, saying they first need to hear information to check other communication channels. He then asked Dorsey if he thinks Twitter doesn't influence the election, why does he even block anything.

Dorsey explained that Twitter policies ensure that the platform's voices are possible, which can be achieved by suppressing harassment and abuse. However, he admitted that the policy under which the story was blocked was flawed and that other users should not have been blocked from sharing the links to it.

Dorsey then claimed that the platform now allows individual users to share the Post story, but Cruz tweeted that it was still not the case. Abigail Marone posted a short clip of him trying to retweet the Post article and getting an error message that said the tweet was not sent.