The British royal family is an institution that has been part of the UK’s history for several centuries. As one of the oldest firms of today, the monarchy has withstood many events in its lifetime.

There are numerous organizations that are campaigning for the dissolution of the royal family, ‘The Republic’ is one of the biggest anti-royal organizations in Britain, and CEO Graham Smith has revealed his sentiments regarding Prince Philip.

Mr. Smith has opened up about his thoughts on Prince Philip, 99, funeral plans. Smith, who has curtailed the royal family's obliteration, calling for a democratic rule, instead expressed his distaste on the Palace’s plans for Prince Philip’s funeral when the Prince passes away.
According to Smith, the British taxpayers should not shell out money to pay for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

He reveals that Prince Philip is a private citizen, no longer serving the crown. Thus the funeral costs should be taken from the personal funds of the royal.

‘The Republic’ CEO continued on to say that if Queen Elizabeth II was to pass away, he would understand the Britons tax money being used as the Queen is still regarded as the head-of-state of the country.

"I can understand with the monarch if you are the head of state, and there is a state funeral offered, then you might understand why the taxpayer would pay for it,” Smith said in an interview with Express.

Smith stated that the state should not be responsible for all the royal family's needs, including the funeral costs of Prince Philip.

Royal reporter Zahra Mulroy argued Smith’s opinion regarding funeral costs and plans, saying that Prince Philip already revealed that he did not want his funeral to make a fuss. Rather Prince Philip has instructed that his funeral be simple.

The Prince's wishes regarding his funeral were reported by Mulroy over the summer, revealing that he is to be buried in St. James’s Chapel rather than Westminister Abbey.

He has also played an active role in his funeral arrangements, working together closely with the Lord Chamberlain’s office.

The Duke of Edinburgh has also requested that there be no public viewing and keep the visitors to a minimum, including family, close friends, and the heads of state from the Commonwealth country.

Prince Philip stepped down from his active royal duty back in 2017 at the age of 94 as one of the longest-serving royals in the British monarchy's history.