Meghan Markle has been accused of plagiarizing Netflix's original film ‘The Social Dilemma’ after her speech in Fortune’s virtual summit ‘Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit’ paralleled several of the script lines in the informative movie.

The Duchess of Sussex was invited to play as the key speaker for Fortune’s latest summit, wherein the Duchess discussed social media and tidbits of her personal life.

One of the most intriguing claims the Duchess made during her talk was liking social media users to drug addicts.

The ex-actress explained that there are only a few things in the world that use something and are called users. She continued on by saying that drug addicts are called users and people on social media are called users as well.

Twitter users were quick to notice the familiar line alleging that the Duchess ‘ripped off’ the lines from ‘Social Dilemma.’

One user wrote that Meghan Markle was casually plagiarizing the quotes in the movie and used it in her speech. Going as far as to call the Duchess ‘shameless’.

Another comment made by the Duchess of Sussex in her talk was asserting that a certain ‘algorithm’ used in social media keeps its user hooked.

Again this specific thought also closely resembled The Social’s Dilemma of explaining social media use.

Even the most diehard fans of the Duchess have called her out for the blunder. Quick photo comparisons of the quotes made by Meghan Markle and the lines in The Social Dilemma immediately circulated on twitter.

The similarities between her speech and the script of the information technology movie are impossible to deny and clearly parallels with each other.  

The Duchess has also been called out for her claims of not using social media anymore. Fans are claiming that she is lying due to the resemblance of her Fortune summit speech and lines from The Social Dilemma.

“[Meghan] ripped off the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma theory about [social media] users being like drug addicts and had the cheek to say she hasn't been on it for years?” a Twitter user wrote.

Meghan Markle also took a swipe at the royal family during her talk, calling the British monarchy as an ‘institution’ when discussing their social media ‘SussexRoyal.’

She explained that she and Harry did not manage ’ SussexRoyal’, saying that she has not been on social media for years.

She also talked about her royal family experience and purported that the royal firm chose to stifle her voice.