Just like a lot of other Britons, Prince Charles is keeping himself entertained during the coronavirus lockdown by watching some of the most viral videos on the internet.

Although necessary, practicing social distancing can prove to be an arduous task so people are coming up with creative ways during this coronavirus lockdown to utilize their time and the Prince of Wales is no exception. Prince Charles recently revealed how he has kept himself entertained during the lockdown, triggered by COVID-19.

Prince Charles has been spending time watching videos shared by Britons to lift the country's spirit amid the most challenging times in decades. The royal had tested positive for the life-threatening virus, but much to the relief of his close ones, friends and family members, he recovered and is currently practicing social distancing at his home on the Balmoral estate.

The Prince revealed that he has kept himself entertained by watching some of the funniest videos he had ever seen, Express reported. He lauded the creators for the efforts they put into these videos that boost the morale of the nation during these difficult times.

Prince Charles shared his thoughts In the recently published edition of Life Magazine. The future king said, "Beyond the walls of the hospitals, care homes, doctors' surgeries, and pharmacies, we have also seen a heart-warming burgeoning of remarkable kindness and concern for those in need across the country."

He pointed out that younger people are now shopping for older folks, making phone calls to those living alone, and parishioners are receiving recorded church services via email. But more importantly, Prince Charles said we have witnessed the best use of technology, enabling people to continue working, without having to compromise on recreational activities, thanks to virtual parties, singing, games and some of the funniest videos floating around the internet.

In the latest edition, Prince Charles also expressed gratitude to home-grown producers for the crucial role they are playing in this crisis. Aside from that, he lauded them for making sure that the country was fed despite the pandemic, and urged the people to bear in mind that it owes its farmers, and those associated with the food supply chain an "enormous debt of gratitude."

The Prince also stated that the coronavirus crisis has shown the country how it should never take food for granted. The Duke of Cornwall, acknowledged the crucial role farmers are playing during this time of unprecedented shakeout.