The CPD (Commission On Presidential Debates) advised President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominees Joe Biden to participate in a virtual debate, appearing from different locations. As expected, the president declined to make an appearing and his campaign released a statement pushing his rival to take part in an in-person debate, instead.

Moreover, Trump is bent on returning to the campaign trail as soon as this weekend despite worries surrounding his COVID-19 diagnosis. The White House, however, didn't seem willing to provide basic details about the president's condition on Friday or talk about how it plans to determine he was no longer contagious from his bout with the deadly disease.

Appearing in a friendly interview on Thursday night with a political supporter Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, Trump evaded questions regarding his health, specifically whether he had been tested recently and did his latest test comes back negative. Insisting that there is no need to test frequently, Trump replied saying the actual test will be tomorrow (Friday).

He went on to say that they did not find him to have a severe infection or virus if any. Trump said he did not sit down with the doctors to discuss details about his diagnosis, and has no idea if they found any virus at all, The New York Times reported.

During the same interview, the president said he hoped to return on the campaign trail as soon as Saturday and Sunday, either in Florida or Pennsylvania. On Friday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined that the president will be ready to travel as soon as this weekend.

In an interview with Fox News, McEnany said the campaign would decide whether Trump would get back out on the campaign. The White House released a memorandum on Thursday, with Trump's physician, Dr. Sean Conley noting that he expected the president could return safely to public engagements as soon as Saturday, which would be the tenth day since he was diagnosed with the virus.

Conley did not divulge details about how the White House plans to determine the president isn't contagious anymore, and when McEnany was asked, she conveniently directed the question to the president's doctors.

During Thursday's interview with Hannity, Trump paused twice to apparently cough and clear his throat, a potential symptom of COVID-19. In a radio interview dubbed radio rally, Trump told Rush Limbaugh that there is always that lingering for a couple of days, dismissing any concerns.