In an attempt to get his campaign back on track, President Donald Trump and his aides organized a highly effective plan, marking its return to political activities on Friday. As part of this strategy, Trump will be hosting a big White House event on Saturday and a rally in Florida next week.

While the Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden intensifies his own campaigning, the president is gearing up to step outside Washington for the first time since his hospitalization. Moreover, he is boosting his radio and TV appearances for conservative interviewers in a bid to compensate for the lost time with only a few days until the presidential election and millions already voting.

After returning from the military hospital, where he was treated for COVID-19, Trump hasn't been spotted in public, except for in White House-produced videos. Two weeks after his Rose Garden event that has been blamed for rapidly spreading the virus, Trump is again preparing to host another event comprising a large crowd outside the White House this weekend.

Over two dozens of people associated with the White House have contracted the coronavirus following Trump's Sept. 26 event, where he announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to the Supreme Court. An official said the group is expected to address from the White House balcony will comprise at least a few hundred supporters.

Another person aware of the planning said it would be compulsory for all attendees to bring masks, and those who do not carry their own mask will be given one. In addition to that, the attendees will be given temperature checks and will have to fill out a questionnaire. The individual went on to say that they would be strictly following CDC guidelines, which include wearing a mask and social distancing, ABC 7 News reported.

The president's Monday rally was initially scheduled to take place on Oct. 2 in Sanford, Florida, but he tested positive for COVID-19 one day before the event. Trump's administration's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had warned the White House again about hosting a large crowd without masks, just before the event was announced.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday, Trump announced that he would be in Sanford for a huge rally. Before returning to rallies, he was doing the rounds of conservative media, speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday and going live on air with radio host Rush Limbaugh for two hours on Friday in what his campaign described as a "radio rally."