Amanda Bynes has made her way back to Instagram but this time it may not be as one would expect it to be, considering her first post. The former Nickelodeon star is back in a bid to promote her new fashion line.

The actress had thrown all of her posts into the trashbin earlier this year in the month of July. In the wake, she changed her Instagram handle to “matteblackonlinestore.” Now, after about three months of hiatus from social media, she has returned with a snap of herself with a dark, fringed hairdo. The "Hairspray" star also rocked big-framed glasses, high-waist blue ripped jeans, and an oversized yellow plaid shirt.

Though there was no caption, her lawyer was kind enough to let her fans into what she is exactly up to.

In conversation with E! News, Amanda’s attorney told that the fashion student is considering building her fashion empire and also starting a fragrance business. 

Speaking about Amanda's big vision, her attorney stated, “Amanda is very entrepreneurial. She is now considering perfume in addition to a clothing line. She is still a student at FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise] earning her degree.”

Although Amanda was taking a break away from social media, her fiancé Paul Michael posted a string of picturing showcasing his girl’s new hairdo.

Before Amanda bid farewell to the online snap/video sharing platform in July, she announced that she was trying to do her best as a student at FIDM trying to get a 4.0 GPA.  As per what she said, she is working, taking online classes to come out with flying colors – and after that, she plans to start her new venture in the fashion industry.

Bynes started her education at FIDM in 2014 after coming out of an involuntary hold at a treatment facility. The "Hairspray" star wanted to marry her fiancé, but she couldn’t do so because of the conservatorship controlled that her parents still enjoy over her.

The pair also announced that they were expecting their first child together earlier this year, but her lawyer later stated that she wasn’t in a position to have a baby as she was seeking mental health care.

With her return on Instagram, her fans are excited to see what she has to roll out next. And there is also an eagerness to know how her new fashion brand unfolds. One thing, however, can be said in advance, big vision, big expectations!