Much to his chagrin, a reporter learned that Will Smith wouldn't tolerate absurdity when he tried to kiss the MIB star and ended up being slapped by him. The footage showing the actor slapping the reporter for his ridiculous behavior continues to float around the internet and netizens continue to discuss it even today.

During an interview in 2018, Smith opened up about the clip doing the rounds online, showing him slapping a reporter. He spoke about the reaction it garnered and revealed what Jay-Z and Beyonce thought about the incident.

Smith was walking the red carpet at a movie premiere for Men In Black 3 in Moscow when Ukrainian journalist Vitali Seduik approached him. Seduik has a reputation for playing pranks and even celebrities have been targets of his antics, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Seduik hugged Smith before pulling the "Getting Jiggy With It" singer's face close to his in an attempt to kiss him on his mouth. “Hey! Come on!” Smith said as he pushed the reporter away.

He asked what the reporter's problem before reach up and slapping him in one swift move. Just seconds later, Smith said the reporter was lucky that he did not sucker punch him, telling David Letterman about how awkward the incident was.

Smith recalled that the reporter approached him claiming to be his biggest fan and asking for a hug. As he went to hug him, the reporter tried to lean in and kiss him. The 51-year-old handsome actor said he received an apology from Seduik’s team for the reporter's atrociousness.

His team attributed Seduik’s behavior to his style of performance and comic routine, and Smith attributed this same behavior to the slap the reporter got from him. In an interview with HipHollywood, Seduik said he was sorry for his impulsive behavior due to his fandom for the actor.

Noting that he didn't take offense, Seduik said they have different mentalities about things like that and it wasn't a big enough deal for him to say he was sorry to the actor. He admitted that he got carried away with emotions, adding that he will only shake his hand next time when he meets Smith.

During an interview with Rap Radar, Smith said he received ten urgent messages from Jay-Z after the incident. When Smith called him up, Jay-Z told him that he and Beyonce saw the video of him slapping the reporter and couldn't stop laughing.