Prince Harry was still very young when his mom, Princess Diana, passed away. And just like his older brother, Prince William, he struggled for years following his sudden loss.

While speaking with New Idea, the Princess of Wales’ former dream analyst Joan Hanger shared details from her previous conversations with the late royal about her sons. She said that just weeks before Princess Diana passed away, she has expressed her worries about Prince William and Prince Harry and their need to follow royal protocol.

Princess Diana used to write her thoughts in her diaries because she didn’t have anyone else to talk to especially about her boys. And she became increasingly lonely after her divorce from Prince Charles because she wasn’t allowed to spend as much time with Prince William and Prince Harry.

As a result, Prince Harry grew up without much guidance after his mom passed away. He wasn’t also taught how he should be behaving. Even though Meghan Markle’s husband was quite close to Queen Elizabeth, the latter had other more important roles to perform other than guiding her grandson.

Meanwhile, Hanger said that Princess Diana worried about the Duke of Cambridge more than she did Prince Harry because of the former’s future role as king. The late royal was nervous about how her eldest son would follow royal rules and conform to protocols.

“She worried about William becoming a king one day, and what really saddened her was that she couldn’t talk about it with Charles because she really didn't have much say in the boys’ upbringing after the divorce. Only perhaps when she was with them, and even then, the Queen Mother cut the time they spent together short over the years before she died,” she said.

Years after Princess Diana passed away, Prince William and Prince Harry had a falling out that lasted for over a year. Sources revealed that the royal siblings’ feud started after the Duke of Sussex started dating Markle.

Last year, a source told Us Weekly that Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton hates that Prince Harry and Markle are having a miserable time as members of the royal family. The royal couple was constantly criticized by the press but the future queen refused to meddle in the issue.

The source said that even though the Duchess of Cambridge is concerned about her in-laws, she has made a pact to stay out of the drama for as long as possible.

As of late, Prince William and Prince Harry are in a much better place in their relationship but they are not considered to be best friends.