Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married for around two decades now. There have been ups and downs in their married life like many other couples. However, some tabloids have insisted that the actor had cheated on his wife with other women leading to problems in their marriage. 

A couple of years ago, a magazine purported that Zeta-Jones was upset with her husband for allegedly rekindling his romance with Sharon Stone. Fans would remember that Douglas and Stone were co-stars in the erotic blockbuster Basic Instinct in the nineties.

The outlet further claimed the actor was keen on acting with Sharon once again, which his wife does not approve of. An anonymous insider purported that in case the duo decides to work on a new project, The Mask of Zorro star would be keeping a close watch on them. 

The same source added the Entrapment star was insecure of the Basic Instinct actress’s beauty. However, Gossip Cop insists that the magazine published an incorrect narrative. They claim that Douglas did not even contact Stone to act in another movie together. 

There was another report, which snitched that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Douglas’ marriage was shaky because of Michelle Pfeiffer. It seems the Fatal Attraction actor acted as if he was head over heels when Pfeiffer was around. 

Even this story appears to be bogus and was published most likely after the actor had some good words to say about Pfeiffer while giving an interview to a magazine. Just because the Wall Street actor praised her acting skills did not mean that he had a crush on her. 

A third report claimed that Zeta-Jones was jealous of her husband’s bond with Kathleen Turner. The tabloid insisted Michael Douglas and Turner had revived their earlier relationship.

An unnamed source, reportedly, told the publication that Chicago actress was unhappy about the reported reunion as she was aware of how close her husband and the other actress were when they co-starred in many films together many years ago. However, this story also emerged to be ridiculous as confirmed by a representative for Zeta-Jones. 

Meanwhile, the actress discussed how they plan to celebrate their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary in November this year. Zeta-Jones was speaking exclusively to the People magazine last month when she said she would remove her mask and allow the actor to give her a passionate kiss. 

Although this may not sound like a pricey gift Zeta-Jones deserves on their milestone anniversary, she mentions they want to have a low-key celebration amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is a known fact that all marriages go through problems. While Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas may have also gone through certain adversities, they seem to be doing fine and are still going strong.