More than a month after revealing in an Instagram post that her retreat from the spotlight and the music industry was caused by being drugged and raped over a number of days, Welsh singer Duffy has now revealed more details of her harrowing experience.

CNN reports that the 35-year-old “Mercy” singer made the details public on her own website, telling a four-week ordeal that involved her being drugged, taken to a foreign country, and raped by an attacker she refuses to identify to the public.

Duffy says that she was moved to share more details of her experience because she no longer wanted “rape to become a companion.” Buzzfeed News also notes that Duffy wanted her story to serve as “a momentary distraction” during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the blog post, Duffy says her ordeal began on her birthday when she was drugged at a restaurant. After being drugged, she says she came to in the back of a traveling vehicle in another country, without any recollection of even being on a plane.

Once in a hotel room, she says she was raped and struggling to stay conscious after it happened. She says she was afraid to escape as her rapist might contact the police and have her tracked as a missing person.

After the hotel room rape, Duffy flew back to her home with the man, who drugged her once again and raped her repeatedly over the course of four weeks. The man also threatened to kill her, which made her afraid to approach the police. She was only compelled to tell her story to a female officer after someone attempted to blackmail her.

Duffy said recovering from the trauma took nearly a decade, with the process to reclaim her “shattered pieces” often feeling like it would never end.

Since the rape, Duffy shares she has moved five times in the space of three years, always feeling unsafe because of what her rapist did to her. Nevertheless, she says she no longer feels shame about what happened to her and hopes that her revelation will end the questions about what happened to her since the release of her 2008 hit, “Mercy.”

She also hinted that there might come a day that she would make music and return to the industry again, but for now, she intends to “return to quietness.”

“Mercy” was part of her debut album, “Rockferry,” which was the best-selling album in the United Kingdom in 2008. The album also won her the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.