Princess Eugenie is, allegedly, three months pregnant with her and Jack Brooksbank’s first child.

According to Woman’s Day, the royal couple visited their doctor’s clinic in the United Kingdom for a pregnancy checkup. The tabloid even published a photo of Princess Eugenie with a piece of cotton on her arm, which suggests that she had her blood drawn while at the clinic.

In the photo, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s youngest daughter is also wearing a loose-fitting dress. And the tabloid claimed that this is because the royal is trying to hide her growing baby bump.

Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank tied the knot in October 2018. However, they still haven’t made a pregnancy announcement almost two years later.

“If it’s true, the family would be thrilled. Eugenie and Jack are keen to start a family not long after they married, so fingers are crossed for them. Despite the controversies her parents [Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson] have gotten themselves into, Eugenie is a wonderful young woman and will make an excellent mother,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt for several reasons.

Princess Eugenie might have visited the doctor’s clinic for an entirely different reason other than she's pregnant. And her blood may have been drawn for a routine check-up or for a different condition and not because she’s expecting.

It is also important to note that royal pregnancies usually come from the palace. Since Princess Eugenie isn’t a working royal, it’s possible that her pregnancy announcement will come straight from her and her doting parents.

Princess Eugenie also has a social media account that she uses to share photos and updates with her thousands of followers. She could easily use the platform to share the exciting news.

Rumors about Princess Eugenie’s pregnancy have been rife since she and Brooksbank tied the knot. In fact, bookies are also convinced that the year won’t end without an announcement from the royal.

In March, Express claimed that Princess Eugenie dropped a subtle pregnancy clue when she greeted Ferguson on Mother’s Day. A month later, the same publication claimed that Princess Eugene gave a broody response to Prince Louis’ photos on the occasion of his second birthday.

However, Princess Eugenie simply replied on Prince Louis’ adorable photo with a single red heart emoji.