Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marital troubles have become a focal point of public interest, especially as they navigate the complexities of a high-profile divorce. The couple, who rekindled their romance in April 2021 and married soon after, are now facing significant challenges in dissolving their union. According to insiders, the intricacies of their combined business ventures are a major factor in the delay.

After celebrating their second wedding anniversary, Lopez and Affleck found themselves dealing with escalating marital woes. A source close to the couple revealed that their separation is not just a personal issue but a business one as well. "They've sunk a fortune into building up this joint brand," a source told In Touch. "So much time and money has been spent preparing all these different projects that they were both so gung-ho on just a few months ago, and now it's pretty much all down the drain because everything was based on their Bennifer brand."

The "Bennifer" moniker, which fans coined during their initial relationship in 2002, resurfaced when the couple reconnected. Their highly publicized romance culminated in a wedding after canceling their first planned union in 2003 due to intense media scrutiny. However, the pressures of their public and professional lives seem to be straining their marriage once again.

Among the joint ventures complicating their divorce is the film "Unstoppable," in which Lopez stars and Affleck co-produces. The project, currently in post-production, exemplifies the deeply intertwined nature of their professional lives. Promoting the film amid their marital issues is expected to be challenging, and it is just one of many projects they must navigate.

Another insider told In Touch that "Unstoppable" is not the only creative endeavor at stake. "They were privately funding certain projects they really believed in and had all kinds of things lined up, and now they're having to pull out, which is letting a lot of people down and leaving a ton of money on the table," the source said. The dissolution of these investments is a significant reason why the divorce process is taking so long, despite the relationship being "very much over."

Lopez and Affleck have not publicly commented on the divorce rumors, but their fans have speculated that Lopez's penchant for making their relationship public might have contributed to their marital strife. The "Gone Girl" actor has previously expressed a preference for keeping their relationship off social media. In the documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," Affleck revealed his discomfort with the public nature of their relationship but acknowledged that it was not fair to ask Lopez to change her ways.

Affleck's move out of their marital home further fueled the divorce buzz. He has reportedly relocated to a rental property close to the house of his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, who has been a supportive presence for Affleck and their children during this tumultuous time.

The couple's separation is not only a personal ordeal but also a financial one, as they attempt to untangle their extensive business collaborations. Their joint brand, which once symbolized their renewed love, now represents a significant obstacle in their divorce proceedings.

As Lopez and Affleck work through these complex issues, the public continues to watch closely. Their story is a reminder of the intricate interplay between personal relationships and professional partnerships, especially in the world of high-profile celebrities. The resolution of their divorce will likely be a lengthy process, influenced as much by business considerations as by personal decisions.