Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, once Hollywood's golden couple, are now grappling with significant challenges that extend beyond their personal lives into their joint business ventures. As reports of marital strife intensify, the couple is turning to legal counsel to navigate the complex dissolution of their brand partnerships and joint projects.

Sources close to the couple revealed to Radar Online that the dissolution of the "Bennifer 2.0" era could lead to a decline in their highly lucrative brand. A source elaborated, "The majority of the plans depended on them going in together, so now there are contracts that need to be dissolved. That's never easy and requires a ton of back-and-forth with lawyers because, of course, everyone wants to get paid."

The couple's latest joint movie venture, Unstoppable, has wrapped up filming. Affleck produced the project, which features Lopez in a starring role. However, the duo now faces the awkward task of promoting the Amazon movie amidst their personal turmoil. "Teaming up to promote it seems unlikely," the source added. "They want to be professional about it. They still believe in it and don't want to see it fail, but it's an awkward position."

In Touch Weekly reports that the Hollywood power couple has a substantial amount of work ahead to sort through their issues. "They've sunk a fortune into building up this joint brand. So much time and money has been spent preparing all these different projects that they were both so gung-ho on just a few months ago, and now it's pretty much all down the drain because everything was based on their Bennifer brand," an insider disclosed.

The Unstoppable movie is just one of many collaborative projects Lopez and Affleck had in the pipeline. They were privately funding several initiatives they were passionate about, but now they are forced to withdraw, disappointing many and leaving substantial amounts of money on the table. "They had all kinds of things lined up, and now they're having to pull out, which is letting a lot of people down and leaving a ton of money on the table," the source explained.

Lopez, known for her meticulous management of her public image, faces significant challenges in maintaining her reputation for responsible financial stewardship amid these changes. One such challenge is the development of a line of homeware products, which has now come to a halt due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding their relationship. "So many investments are now having to be dissolved, and that's a big part of why this is taking so long, despite the fact that it's very much over," the source noted.

There was a time when Lopez believed she and Affleck could become Hollywood's ultimate power couple. The source mentioned that the idea of their relationship achieving immense success in the industry seemed within reach. However, their decision to part ways might mean walking away from significant opportunities. "And to be fair, they really could have been if they'd stuck together. But now they're walking away from billions, or so [Lopez's] saying," the source concluded.

As the couple navigates their separation, the impact on their business endeavors remains a significant concern. The dissolution of their brand and the untangling of their joint projects will likely be a complex and lengthy process, involving substantial legal and financial negotiations.