Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly putting their Beverly Hills mansion on the market, just over a year after purchasing the $60 million property. This move comes amid swirling rumors and confirmed reports of their increasingly strained relationship, with indications that a divorce may be imminent.

According to multiple sources, the couple has enlisted the expertise of realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to facilitate the sale of their lavish home, which they had acquired after an extensive two-year search involving more than 80 properties, as reported by TMZ.

Despite their efforts to find the perfect marital home, insiders claim that the mansion is now listed for approximately $65 million, potentially at a loss considering the significant investments they've made in improvements, along with the associated high broker's commissions and new taxes on luxury properties.

The strain on their relationship became public in mid-May when it was revealed that Affleck had moved out of the shared home to a rental property in Brentwood. This shift was noticeable despite earlier claims from close sources that the couple was attempting to work through their issues and had no definitive plans to separate permanently. However, the situation seems to have deteriorated, with insiders suggesting that their problems have only intensified over the past few weeks.

Compounding the personal challenges faced by the couple, Lopez's professional life has also taken a hit. Recently, she announced the cancellation of her upcoming “THIS IS ME…LIVE” tour, which was initially set to run from June 26 through mid-August. The cancellation, attributed to disappointing ticket sales and Lopez’s desire to spend more time with her family and close friends, was described as leaving the singer "completely heartsick and devastated," according to the tour's promoter, LiveNation.

Lopez and Affleck, who had previously been engaged in the early 2000s before going their separate ways, rekindled their relationship in spring 2021 and married the following year. Their reunion was highly publicized and celebrated by fans, making the recent developments all the more disheartening for those who have followed their storied romance.

The sale of their Beverly Hills mansion appears to be a clear indicator of the couple's current trajectory toward officially ending their marriage. The fact that Affleck has already relocated and Lopez is reportedly searching for a new house suggests that both are preparing for a future apart. As they navigate this transition, the impact on their personal and professional lives continues to unfold.