Rumors are swirling that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's high-profile marriage may be heading towards an imminent divorce. Sources close to the couple have disclosed that Affleck is reportedly experiencing a "wake-up" moment, reassessing the rekindling of their relationship which began two years ago. According to an insider, the actor feels like the last two years of marriage were a "fever dream," and he has now "come to his senses."

The source revealed to Page Six, "He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream, and he's come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work." The source further claimed that Affleck would seek a divorce from Lopez on the "grounds of temporary insanity," suggesting that an apparent lapse in judgment led to their reunion.

Reports indicate that the couple's differing lifestyles have created tension in their marriage. Lopez, known for her comfort with media attention and sharing her personal life with fans, contrasts sharply with Affleck's preference for privacy. A source told People, "She likes to open her heart to her fans and to the world. This makes them considerably different, and it has been difficult in the day-to-day relationship."

The couple has not publicly responded to the growing media attention regarding their alleged split, but their absence from public appearances together in recent months has fueled speculation. Lopez attended the Met Gala alone, serving as a co-chair for the event, and the couple had not been seen together until recently when they attended Affleck's daughter's school play.

Adding to the speculation, Affleck was seen driving without his wedding band over the weekend. Both Affleck and Lopez have reportedly been exploring real estate options, with Affleck spending time in Brentwood, California, close to where his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, resides.

One significant indication of potential trouble in their marriage came when Lopez liked an Instagram post about "Unhealthy Relationships." The post highlighted issues such as lack of integrity, emotional safety, and communication skills, which many interpreted as a subtle message about her relationship with Affleck.

While some attribute their time apart to a potential breakup, it could also be due to their demanding schedules. Affleck appears to be based in California, while Lopez has been in New Jersey filming her part in the upcoming movie musical adaptation of "The Kiss of the Spider Woman." Additionally, Lopez is preparing for her upcoming greatest hits tour, "Jennifer Lopez: This Is Me...Live," which kicks off in Florida next month and runs through August, with the final performance at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Despite the rumors and apparent strains in their marriage, the couple's recent appearance together at Affleck's daughter's school play might suggest an effort to maintain a united front. However, insiders continue to speculate about the future of their relationship.

Lopez and Affleck's relationship, which has been a rollercoaster ride for both fans and the couple themselves, famously rekindled nearly two decades after their first engagement. Their reunion was celebrated as a fairytale love story, but the pressures of maintaining a high-profile relationship in the public eye have proven to be challenging.